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The war for talent in the biopharma space has never been fiercer, driven by increased global competition. Every day biopharma companies, from the smallest start-ups to the global conglomerates, are engaged in a battle to find the right talent that will help their firm realize its true potential.

We know the problems biopharma companies face:  the best talent does not want to move, your own talent is increasingly difficult to retain, positions in areas such as R & D, clinical development, regulatory affairs, just to name a few,  are becoming increasingly hard to fill and hiring costs are increasing accordingly.  We also understand the constant pressure biopharma companies face to stay on deadline and ahead of the competition and the impact a prolonged talent search process can have on those tight schedules.

How we differ

  • Our recruiting system can recruit for candidates 24/7
  • Target on hidden and passive candidates
  • Quick turnaround for resume review
  • Provide market intelligence

We are proud that

  • Our average time to present a candidate is 5 days
  • Our resume to the 1st interview ratio is greater than 78%
  • We penetrate more than 50% of the talent pool in that niche area
  • We close 100% on the retained search; 92% on the exclusive contingency
  • Both clients and candidates come back to us for repeat business and more opportunities

The war for talent in the biopharma space is real, and the battle is getting tougher by the day.  Let us take on this mission for you and find your STAR biopharma talent that can take your organization to the next level.

BongeneSearch Employers

Once we partner together, we will follow our STAR process to find your star candidate

Search Relentlessly – You need access to the best talent in the biopharma market and we leave no stone unturned in finding the best talent available, including the talent other recruiters simply do not see. Our automated recruiting system enables us to reach candidates globally 24/7 and reaches every corner of the marketplace.

Target Accurately – Hiring costs in the biopharma space are increasing and project deadlines are often tight.  You need a quick and efficient search process to get the team members you need for time sensitive projects. We live and breathe this industry and we efficiently target the candidates that fit your needs.

Attract Consistently – Talent in the biopharma space is often reluctant to move.  You need someone who can lay the groundwork before the interview process.  We make personal contact with candidates and help them understand why your firm is the right fit for them.

Represent Faithfully – We understand that it is hard to find a recruiter who can deliver consistent results.  We apply the highest standards in the industry to present candidates after our thorough interview process. We want to earn your trust for a lifetime.

Our Clients


Pharmaceutical companies


Medical Device companies


Biotech companies


Healthcare organizations

Our Candidates


Sales Specialists


Account Managers


District Sales Managers


Regional Sales Directors OR VP of Sales


Reimbursement professionals


Corporate Development Directors


Alliance Managers OR Directors


Medical Directors

Board certified


Scientists/ R&D Managers / Directors


Project Managers

 from R&D to commercial

BongeneSearch Talents

You are our STAR and therefore we:

Select carefully – You are looking for opportunities that help your career grow.  We do not simply throw any opening out there at our STARs.  We carefully select opportunities that present logical next steps in your career.

Talk confidentially – Considering new opportunities is always a sensitive subject.  We assure you that we will reveal your information to a potential new employer only when necessary.  Our discussions with you are fully confidential.

Apply strategically – Your career path is important.  We work with you to make sure that a potential change makes sense, not only based on your career trajectory, but based on our conversations with you and our sense of what types of firms and hiring teams best fit you.

Review thoroughly – Searching for the next step in your career is sometimes a complicated journey.  Our work does not end with the interview process.  We engage in thorough debriefings to not only examine how a particular interview went, but what that interview may have revealed to you about what you are searching for in making a transition.

Our goal is to find the next great opportunity for you.

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